How to Play

Picking Teams

Each Premier League GW, you must pick 4 different teams – 2 defensive and 2 attacking. None of the teams you pick can be playing each other and each team can only be picked a maximum of 8 times in a season. 


If your 2 attacking picks score more combined goals in a single GW than the combined defensive picks concede, it’s a GW win and you receive 3 points. If the defensive picks concede more goals than the attacking picks score, it’s a GW loss and you receive 0 points. If the defensive picks concede the same number of goals as the attacking picks score, it’s a GW draw and you receive 1 point.


Points scored are added up and the more points you have, the higher your position in the league table. Season goal difference followed by longest winning streak are also used (if required) to determine a players’ position in the league.


There are two different types of multiplier – a Points Multiplier and an Attack Multiplier. If a Points Multiplier is played, the total number of points won in that GW is doubled. If an Attack Multiplier is played, the total number of goals scored by the attacking picks for the specific GW is tripled.


Each player starts the season with 6 Points Multipliers and 6 Attack Multipliers. Either multiplier can be used in any GW, however, both multipliers can’t be used at the same time.


Submissions can be made up to 1 hour before the first match of a GW kicks off. A player who fails to submit their picks by a given GW deadline will have their teams picked for them by a randomised selector built into the game. If the randomised selector is used in this scenario, however, a -3 goal loss will be awarded for the GW, regardless of the actual result. The randomised selector will not activate either type of multiplier.